Jackie Kennedy: why she accepted the infidelities of JFK

Entertainment 1 December, 2016

Over twenty after his death, Jackie Kennedy still fascinates. The reason for its irresistible aura will not prevent as far from being a woman scorned by the many links of JFK. However, new revelations show a form of fascination with the iconic First Lady for the adventures of her husband.

jackie-et-jfk1Married John F. Kennedy in 1953, Jackie Kennedy, born Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, already knew what to think about the fickle behavior of her lover . For proof, one year before their marriage, she had already explained to Joseph Leonard priest she was afraid of becoming a woman deceived. Written correspondence with the clergyman maintained from 1950 to 1964 sold at auction in 2014 and which were exhumed astonishing confessions.
” He’s like my father, in a way – he loves the quest, but is annoyed by conquest. Once married, he needs proof that it is still attractive. So he flirts with other women and you will. I understand why it almost killed mom ” , she wrote then.
Because his father was a well-known womanizer : ” It came from a world where this is what the men were doing, and it was accepted ,” just explain those close to the former presidential couple in the latest issue of People agreed to lift the veil on the agreement that governed these links.
Adventures including Jackie Kennedy perfectly knew about , and that would have taken an enormous magnitude after the election of John F. Kennedy in 1961. According to the author of the book The dark side of Camelot , these parts of legs in the air adulterous took place ” almost daily ” at the White House: ” It was a marriage of his time. And at the end of the day, John found Jackie – and that was it. They loved each other . ”
Even more surprising, the US magazine says Jackie Kennedy grew a surprising fascination with the adventures of her husband. The former journalist worldly gossip, Liz Smith, at the time had written many articles on the connection between JFK and his mistress Judith Exner. Topics that devoured Jackie Kennedy: ” His friends Truman Capote and Gore Vidal told me that she knew everything about Judith Exner and all the others, and she read my articles on Judith with the most great interest “.
A resignation that has quickly settled into the life of the most iconic of the first American women. Indeed, already in 1953, the year of his marriage to JFK, the girl then aged 23 already reported to Father Joseph Leonard of his lost illusions : ” Maybe I’m blinded. I saw myself in a world full of sequins, crowned heads and men in destiny, not as a woman unhappy home. The world may seem glamorous from the outside. But from the inside, you’re alone. It can turn into hell. “