Jacqueline Sauvage: Discover the letters that Muriel Robin, Mimie Mathy, Nathalie Baye Muret Anny Duperey have written for her

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

Condemned for killing her husband who raped her and her daughters, and beat her for years, Jacqueline Sauvage enjoyed partial presidential pardon. But still in prison, it is therefore in her cell that she passes the holidays and her birthday: Jacqueline Sauvage is 69 years old, on December 27th. Indignées, Muriel Robin, Anny Duperey, Nathalie Baye, Mimie Mathy, among others, write to the President of the Republic François Hollande. Words of woman to cry to injustice!
Organized by actress Eva Darlan , the support committee Jacqueline Wild, which brings together personalities (including Isabelle Adjani , Muriel Robin, Sophie Marceau , but also Bénabar, Guy Bedos and Jean-Luc Mélenchon ) and anonymous unabated. On the contrary. Shocked by twice parole this woman was refused by the court , he arms of words. And not of any words.
Those of Muriel Robin, who writes on December 21, to the attention of the President of the Republic: “Is it childish for me to notice that in Santa Claus, there is father ?! Yes : “Is it childish of me to note that in Santa Claus, there is father? Yes, I dare to ask you to become, momentarily, for Jacqueline, and understanding this loving father she never had. Life is a game you know it well? Jacqueline has many, many lost. What if she won once in her life? What if she knew the inner peace she deserved so much? “In your soul and conscience” is the consecrated expression … Your soul and your conscience interest all women since the affair of Jacqueline. If you do that, we will all be so grateful. I even believe you crazy! Please, Mr President. In rendering liberty to Jacqueline Sauvage, you will, I am convinced, do nothing but work of humanity and justice. ”
Mimie Mathy , she calls “angels” : ” I know very well that the angel guardians do not exist in real life. And yet for nearly 20 years, I am one. Do you want me to give you my recipe to become one, for a moment, and to make a woman, her family and millions of Frenchmen happy? It will remain between us I promise you. My method is very simple: you slap your fingers while thinking very strongly that Jacqueline Sauvage will be pardoned. I’m sure you can. In my episodes there are only happy endings. So please do that one whose woman who has suffered all her life is the heroine, ends well. ”
Then come the words of Nathalie Baye: ” Forty-seven years of domestic violence, torture, humiliation. Forty-seven years unanswered for fear of the next coup. The life of his daughters broken by that infamous father . Then one day, under the grip of fear, a gesture crooked to no longer live the horror again. Irreparable … It is now four years since Jacqueline Wild is imprisoned and put away her daughters, deprived of a better future for trying to defend them. No Mr. President, I am convinced that the place of the woman is not behind bars, it represents a threat to anyone and that is why we are fighting for months and we still fight with it. “The actress concludes by demanding the immediate release of Jacqueline Wild for life to continue” a much better way than the way it pursues sad for over fifty years . ”
Anny duperey also takes the pen to write to that she calls “Dear Francis” , a familiarity that it allows, she said, because both Normans, it the was invited to a show that was dedicated to him . “Of course, we all know she killed, e lle was sentenced for it and already served a lengthy prison sentence , wrote the heroine of a wonderful family. This stubbornness of our justice against a woman who has suffered so much, refused to give her the slightest gentleness at the end of her life, scandalizes me. Since you have taken the decision not to introduce a second term, have a strong gesture, generous, a nice gesture that we are thousands waiting – many men too. You will be grown “anny duperey recalls that”. Hundred women die each year, victims of the brutalities of their mate “and ends with the words that could be unfortunately prescient.” But I think above all to Jacqueline, has this Woman of almost 70 years, again and again victim. Make it. Quick. She is feeling bad. You can die of despair … It would be awful . “