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Entertainment 17 January, 2018

Jacques Chirac

Jean-Luc Barré syndrome is part of the intimate circle of Jacques Chirac. It is to him that the former president of the Republic was entrusted for his memoirs. The point of him communicating to say the least, original.

Jacques Chirac is a public figure in the foreground. After 12 years in the presidency of the Republic, it is known to all, even if it is more discreet for a few years. Poor health – it has long been hospitalized in September 2016 – it is still very appreciated by the public. But if this last is not really known : the political man has always cultivated the secret, the mystery.

If he is a man who can boast of knowing it is Jean-Luc Barré. The writer has collaborated with Jacques Chirac to write his memoirs : he knows so much about the life of the latter. Including all of the little details that the general public is not aware. The micro Christophe Hondelatte, for the issuance Hondelatte tells on Europe 1, he said : “Chirac speaks very little of him. ”

Yet, one day, the former president of the Republic, today 85 years old, entrusted to him by a well-kept secret : its nickname at the time when he was a scout. At the time, Jacques Chirac was nicknamed ” the bison self-centered “. “One day, he hands me a piece of paper on which is written his nickname when he was a scout. I asked him why ? He answered me that he did not know. “Difficult for the writer to explain what a nickname :” The next bison, I can see why, because it is dynamic, a go-getter. But it is not self-centered. “It is estimated that there may be an” allusion to this side of the lonely, turned to him-same ” : “At bottom, this is a loner who has few peers at most. “A beginning of an explanation ?


Jacques Chirac

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