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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


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Jade and Joy, the daughters of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday had moved the crowd to the ceremony of the Madeleine this 9 December. Arrivals by plane with St Barth with their mother, the girls would not have attended the ceremony.

On 11 December, Johnny Hallyday joined to its last resting place in the cemetery of St Barth : the absence of Sylvie Vartan has been talk in the media, the friend of Johnny Jean-Claude Darmon has reacted so virulent, re-opening the war of the clans in the family Hallyday. In accordance with his wishes, and as he had told several close friends, Johnny had chosen a white coffin for a ceremony that was very simple, in line with the tradition in the caribbean. The guests, all white dressed had brought flowers, as had been requested by Laeticia.

Present were David and Laura, his children, Laeticia, and their friends : Jean Reno, Jean-Claude Camus, the musician Yarol Poupaud and Maxim Nucci, Jean-François Piège, Caroline de Maigret. According to the information of our peers, Closer, Jade and Joy of the girls of the couple were not present. We had seen very tested at the time of the ceremony at the Madeleine, supported by David,,, very protective with the girls. It is necessary to say that the week has been terrible for the young girls of 13 and 9 years old. On 20 December, Joy was going elsewhere celebrate the anniversary of his arrival in the arms of Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday. A particularly moving moment when Johnny is no longer there. Laeticia, arrived hand in hand with Laura, could not hold back her tears, she took refuge in the arms of David, the new leader of the clan Hallyday,

On the first images, we see the motorcade, the bikers come to accompany Johnny to his final resting place. On this stela, not Johnny Hallyday, but Jean-Philippe Smet, a simple white cross. For eternity. This is where fans will be able to collect. At the end of this ceremony, the clan Hallyday retired in the villa of Jade, on the heights of the island.

Photo credits : ABACA

Joy Hallyday, Jade Hallyday

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