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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


A choice well thought-out. If Jade and Joy sound as well prénommées, it is in homage to the writer François Garagnon that Laeticia Hallyday carries in his heart.

In October 2008, Laeticia Hallyday explained to Gala about the choice of names for his adopted children in Vietnam : “there is an author that I love, François Garagnon, which is a bit for me as a spiritual master. We correspond a lot, it sends me thoughts always uplifting and full of wisdom. Since Mamée, my great-grandmother, is no longer there to help me, support me, have these words that made me so much good, him guide me in his way, though of course it can never replace it. He has written several books, including one called Jade and the other Joy. Now, you know everything…”

Who is François Garagnon ? Born on 16 August 1957 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, he is a writer and editor in French. He became known in 1991 with his book ” the Jade and the sacred mysteries of life “. The Wikipedia sums it up thus the work in substance : “The main themes discussed in the book are God, the meaning of life, as well as faith, in the form of a spirituality,” sunny “, from a christian perspective. Through all of the topics develops an art of living which must be perceived with the five senses. As for Jade, life will taste like a fruit, caress like a dream, breathes like an unforgettable perfume, admires even with his eyes closed and is defined as the whisper of a light breeze…”

Il also wrote ” Joy and the divine pursuit of happiness” , that could be summarized thus : “the Sagamore, “the little lord of the streams and springs” is a young man who came from another country, although it is not known which. A bit misplaced in the modern city, he wondered about the meaning of life, with a simplicity disarming. In his quest for happiness, It comes across a little girl that is unique, providentially named Joy, which the guide with a verve mystical. “A whole program…


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