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The lycée français de Los Angeles is one of the most renowned institutions in the world. Many stars French and americans have educated their children

It is the school of the stars. The lycée français de Los Angeles is an exceptional place, which cater for children of stars, a setting very popular among actors, singers and other stars planetary who are schooling their offspring. “In the City of Angels, give a French education to his children is the height of chic” announced a reportage shot in immersion by the team of 50mn inside. Here are five things to know about the lycée français de Los Angeles, also known as the school of the ” very important kids “.

1) The dream of a couple

It all began in 1964 : Raymond and Esther Kabbaz wish to give courses in French while at the time the american State only allows instruction in English. After fighting to change california law, they are able to mount their project. The first star to sign up is Agnes Moorehead, the actress portraying the famous mother-in-law of the Ma series witch beloved. The success of the school is immediate. Today, the lycée français de Los Angeles welcome 900 students spread over five campuses.

2) dozens Of children of stars

The children of Madonna, Salma Hayek or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been enrolled in the prestigious school. Among the French. Dany and Yael Boon, Gad Elmaleh and the clan Hallyday have chosen this place to allow their daughters and sons receive the best education. Jade et Joy Hallyday benefit from the excellence of this teaching, which is a luxury since 2013, the date of Johnny Hallyday and his wife Laeticia had settled in L. A. ” This is a family that is very special to me. I myself was at school with David Hallyday, ” says the director Clara-Lisa Kabbaz. On his side, Jade is part of the school choir.

3) A large diversity of followers of the ” French Touch “

“There’s a lot of nationality different and this is something that is very important to us that our children remain open to other mentalities, other languages… They are very expressive here,” explains Yael Boon, the mother of Eytan, Elia and Sarah. In all, 56 different nationalities are represented ! Uniforms – “a symbol of the school and equality” – , discipline and “French Touch” : it is this which appeals to both the stars of various origins who come to register their children.

4) like a fortress and a 5-star service

The security agents present in the enclosure can also be used as parking valets. All equipped with walkie-talkies, they are used daily in the small care with the pupils. Somewhere between an impregnable fortress and a luxury hotel, the tranquility of its students is a priority for the director-Clara-Lisa Kabbaz. Barriers, guards, cameras : security has been strengthened so that the paparzzis tried to photograph the queue Elvis Presley this in high school.

5) receive An appropriate education

Be part of a family of artists sometimes prevents children keep pace in school. Fortunately, the lycée français de Los Angeles has it all planned. The school system allows them to give assignments and tests to do with a professor when they are found, for example, to follow their parents during the filming of a movie. The students also get the benefit of a theatre, an outdoor amphitheatre and a swimming pool. The school year is between 16,000 and 20,000 euros a year.

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