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Entertainment 10 January, 2018


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Laeticia Hallyday does his best to Jade and Joy are a normal life after the death of their dad. Since the burial of the idol of young people in Saint-Barthélémy, they have remained on the islands and young girls have returned to school. The wife of rocker the was however quickly withdrawn from the institution because of mocking from other children, based Here in Paris.

Laeticia Hallyday has decided that her daughters, will return to the school when the family will return home to Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. According to Here Paris, Jade and Joy have badly to be in the class in Saint-Barthélémy. The magazine says that the girls would be returning often in the evening, the eyes red to have too much crying, teasing, or remarks of the other children who suffering in the heart.

For Laeticia Hallyday, it is too difficult to bear. She has therefore withdrawn from school to protect them from the cruel world that is the playground of the school. Soon, she will return to California, to Pacific Palisades, where the family will reside. Post Here Paris, the girls will return to their school French, where the name of Johnny Hallyday’s not a burden.

In the meantime, the wife of the singer, cloistered at home, leaving Jade and Joy enjoy a little paradise-like beaches of the island. In the company of Sébastien Farran, the last manager of the rocker, and Yarol Poupaud, they have tried a few swims in the surf. Supported tirelessly by his family, Laeticia Hallyday tries hard to do her mourning. What is most important for the moment, it is to be a “mom fit” for Jade and Joy, and so that they can live a childhood as normal as possible.

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