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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


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How to mourn a father, when he was adored by millions of people, who share our sorrow but do not allow us to face death in peace ? Jade and Joy have had to face the very young to the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, with difficulty, under the eye of the public and its worship, sometimes a heavy one to carry.

After weeks spent in St. Bartholomew’s, where they have been able to gather on the grave of their father, Jade et Joy Hallyday return to Los Angeles with their mother. Laeticia made the choice to go back to their home, in their home in Pacific Palisades, for the sake of her girls : there, they will rediscover the daily life, their friends, their friends, their school. Just as before, when Johnny was still there.

This departure may be beneficial. Even if they have already regained the smile on their island paradise, the grief has been difficult for Jade (13 years old) and Joy (age 9). According to the psychiatrist Stéphane Clerget, who was interviewed by The Point, the reaction of the fans of Johnny Hallyday at the announcement of his death was able to deprive his daughters of a bereavement necessary, more personal, private. “When your father is a star adored by fans, the death is even more difficult to admit, and this complicates the feelings that may have Jade and Joy,” explains the doctor.To make matters worse, their grief has been stolen by the public. To grieve, it is in some way to incorporate the deceased, but when everyone else is embracing it, it does not remain any more large-thing to close… The adults get to make the share of things between the private and public spheres, but for children, it is more difficult. “

According to Stéphane Clerget, the fact that Johnny Hallyday is buried at Saint-Barth is a good thing for Jade and Joy. “Laeticia allows his daughters to facilitate the time of acceptance. They will be able to move on, find sometimes alone, which would not have been possible with a burial in Paris or Saint-Tropez, where the fans would always parade… “

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