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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


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Jade et Joy Hallyday vénèraient their father Johnny Hallyday. Since his death in the night of 5 to 6 December, they live in very difficult days.

Tough week for the girls of Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday. Jade and Joy, who had managed to revive the smile on their parents face for a week with the death of their father. If Laeticia was never anything hidden cancer Johnny, and that they are children connected with accounts on instagram and twitter at only 13 and 9 years old, the girls saw their father weakened, bedridden in their homes of Marnes-La-Coquette. The night of 5 to 6 December, Laeticia has lived through the worst ordeal of his life : after having seen her husband die in her arms, she had to learn of the death of Johnny Hallyday at his children.

On 9 December, Jade and Joy have then had to deal with all the glances and the duration of the tribute popular in the church of the Madeleine in the face to the glances of strangers, and many photographers and tvs. Very worthy, the girls hanging on the arms of their mother Laeticia seemed to be very touched, to hold more than one hour to a few metres from the white coffin of Johnny Hallyday. Worthy, they have embraced the coffin with Laeticia, fortunately supported by relatives, such as Jean Reno as the godfather of Jade or Hélène Darroze, the godmother of Joy. They have also been able to count on David and Laura, the older children of Johnny.

There, where life takes over a bit in general after a ceremony to pay tribute, but here, the two little girls had to endure the long journey to Saint-Barthelemy for the burial of Johnny Hallyday.In tears, they are collected with Laeticia before the arrival of the casket of their father at the funeral home of Lorien, the small cemetery where Johnny is now based. Very proven by this whole trip and the ceremony popular in France, Jade and Joy were absent from the funeral of Johnny Hallyday, which took place on 11 December, in the presence only of adults. Laeticia was able to finally give free rein to his grief, fortunately supported by Laura Smet et David Hallyday and his many friends. Has Laeticia Hallyday now to manage the future of its girls without Johnny and organise, within 15 days, the birthday of Joy, which will be 10 years without her famous and a loving dad…

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