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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


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Jade et Joy Hallyday are the centre of attention since the disappearance of their father. Very tested at the time of the homage of the Madeleine, in spite of the support of their mom, the girls seemed to be struggling to achieve. A St Barth, they have not attended to the burial of the rocker. And now, what their life will be with Laeticia ?

They will soon be back home. Jade et Joy Hallyday, which are finally collected on the tomb of their father on Tuesday, December 12, at the cemetery of Lorient Saint-Barth, should return thereafter to Los Angeles. Laeticia Hallyday has decided to stay on the island until the end of the month, and then returning to settle in California, where she had made her life with Johnny and their girls. This is probably the last that she has made this choice : out there, they will certainly be better than in France.

In the capital of the american cinema, Jade and Joy are almost anonymous. Essential, when we see the reactions to the death of Johnny Hallyday (a million of people gathered at the tribute popular at Paris on 9 December) : to move forward and make their mourning, the two girls need to stay away from the media agitation surrounding the death of their father. It was already to protect them, that he had decided to expose itself on the social networks – not having to worry about the paparazzi.

Jade and Joy will their friends, and friends of the other side of the Atlantic : educated at the lycée français of Los Angeles, they stand side by side with the children of the stars – the ones of Dany Boon, by example, but also the fashion model Thylane Blondeau. When he was young, their brother David Hallyday was also enrolled. This return to the everyday, between the relatives and the courts, could do much to Jade and Joy – even if without Johnny, nothing will ever be the same again.

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