Jade Lagardere releases crisp photos of her three children

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

The Belgian model is proud of her small tribe. She has posted pictures of her tribe around the Christmas tree. Mom is sexy, kids chew.

A photogenic family. Jade Lagardère, whose real name is Jade Foret , wife of the famous man of Arnaud Lagardère business since 2013, loses no opportunity to show her three children: Liva, 4, Mila, two years, and Nolan, the latest small January 16, 2016 . The lovely Belgian model has just posted three adorable shots of her cabbage tips around a large Christmas tree filled with gifts.
On one of the pictures, Nolan is in the arms of his mother who was dressed for the occasion of a red lace mini dress, Liva clings to her bare legs and interminable and Mila is sitting on the packages. The dad does not appear on the picture. Jade also posted a selfie she took with Liva on which one sees her tattoo inside the left arm. Numerous shots of Lagardère children flourish on his Instagram account, amidst pretty hot selfies of the dummy. At 26, the mother keeps an irreproachable line.
Family comes first for Jade Lagardère which is itself the result of a large family . She is very porch of her 4 brothers and sisters. His mother, Maïté Paz always marries her daughter and watches with the same love on her grandchildren as if it were her own.