Jamel Debbouze wants a sequel to “H”, just for these replicas then they say ouiiii!

Cinema 1 December, 2016

Since Jamel Debbouze recognized work on a sequel to “H”, I have a whole bunch of famous quotes that come to mind. Get ready to enjoy insatiable little weasel!

canal-jamel-debbouze“I would indeed return to a sitcom, with all the talent that I have come across in recent years and are very funny. I have not yet presented the project to Canal +, but it will not be long” . With these few words launched Media + , Jamel Debbouze has heated to a generation of cramées heads rocked by “H”, the cult sitcom Canal + . The comedian has indeed recognized work on a sequel in the series that would be called “i” and that would scene (among others) of his foals Comedy Club. An attractive idea, even if we will not lie, the task will be tough to match the original punchlines and engraved in the rock …
Jamel Dridi, switchboard in his spare time
1 / There is an Arab proverb that says: “Small boobs, going your way … big tits, come into my bed please”
2 / – Y scored what out?
– Waiting room
– And bah voila! Are not marked “room where you race your mouths!”
3 / Madam I apologize. I just wanted to tell you that I have my driving license. This is the louts who removed me my points for conjonctivistes reasons. And that’s ugly. So yes, arguing that the leaders of our countries are not in line with their day, it is we who toast, but no! no no no ma’am, I refuse!
4 / – (The Inspector driving license) It remains true that you burned 5 red lights. And that is strictly forbidden for anyone …
– It is nevertheless true that I was at 180km / h and the red lights it’s like fireflies p’tites when that happens!
5 / (Charlotte, who believes that a writer Jamel) – You write under a nickname or not?
– Nah, I write under a lamppost because there’s always light
6 / (In court) – Let this mascara!
7 / – He died at the front …
– Oh, it was a war?
– Nope. He fell down the stairs and he fucked the front!
8 / – (To cop, Jamel fact believe that it is a recovering alcoholic) At the time, I remember I was drinking cats and dogs. I enchaînais beer beer … I started with the 1-6 after the 2-6, 3-6, 8-6 of course. I was like that until the 306. I drank what I enchaînais beers. J’m’en remember, I lived in a barrel. I was so cramped that I could barely open my cans. I like only the sun, the post Maitre Kanter (…) I have decided to quit the day I bit my mother …
9 / (Jamel and Clara are at psy) Yes ma’am, exactly. She started looking at me with her big eyes hyena. She began slashing her arm with a kind of scalpel. She was round like this on his arm … and she told me ! “Licking my blood my little prince of darkness” (…) And it was all the same day, always the same movie. Sometimes I go home to my room, and I found the tied to a tree! Large trees, large old oaks that had grown in the day while my back was turned
10 / (Jamel unaware that the girl in his car is a prostitute) – So we start?
– (Jamel) What do you want?
– The total
– The total ? You wanna go put gas?
11 / – You see the bomb is there? And bah is my girl! That’s my girl! J’la falter! J’la take it like that, and returns j’la j’la falter! Daily j’la falter, this is my girl, yeah! The bomb there!
– (The director of the hospital) Talk about Anne Guillou, my bride?
Sabri, brancardier manager of bar-missed actor
1 / Orderly, it’s just between two roles
2 / All the great geniuses are always misunderstood. I remind you that when he invented Pasteur rabies 2 years ago, nobody had thought. And now the rage, it works.
3 / (In court) Silence, where j’fais ejaculate the room!
4 / In scoot? You think you’re gonna go far on shorts teenager?
5 / This is not the old dog learns to build slugs
6 / You know not Rousseau? I know everything. Especially his novel there … the Code!
7 / The duck there, how it is cooked?
– (Server) In etoufee Mr.
– Yes, nah, not doing your clever. I not ask you how you had killed. How it is cooked?
8 / (A soldier) – Have you ever thought to hire you?
– If there was this good girl but she was 11 …
9 / (Jamel) – How did you turn to porn!
– But how would I know myself that it was a porno?
– Well girls naked, scripts to pages 2, men who fuck on camera …
– Well you see, how would I know then?
10 / Oh oh, I’m not a leader me. I never sold drugs
11 / That’s not a woman. A woman that’s it (it takes a weird gait) : class, flexibility, sealing!
12 / You can see he is trying to rewind you there! It’s not fair to the sausage!
13 / Of Chinese’ll find yourself … In China, you know how they are? At least 1 million! ”
14 / Mr. Jamel, could I have the radio Mr. Twix please
15 / (Prostitutes) – can y’aller now?
– Where are you going ?
– Bah wood, make passes
– In woods, but here goes: nature, that’s what is good! Play football, get passes! Play collective! Sport is youth
Ayme, the dredger (almost) bilingual
1 / Good j’me cassse, otherwise will print some fight … and losing j’risque
2 / I read in Single Magazine that 97% of divorced women had ever been married
3 / Are you sure you want 200 francs? I personally think that in today’s day in 2000, some people who live very well with 5 francs which pay cafés, coming out clubbing, who buy cars, who go to winter sports … 4, 5 maximum francs. Excuse me, I find it indecent limit
4 / (The girlfriend of cop he wants Clara) – Do you like climbing?
– If I like climbing? Every morning, I climb on a stool!
5 / – You swim?
– You know what they call me? The Swimming Pool Alive!
6 / No sea attention sea is dangerous. The sea, sharks, sea, octopus, sea, only one edge and is very far: it is not possible
7 / (Humanitarian) – The mission to the Balkans Barouna
– But she’s beautiful, I love this region. I always dreamed of saving lives there. More … are people in the Balkans …
8 / It’s insane what just happened to me. A myself – oualaladime say – I just challenge a gang. Truthful! It happens – go to a parking lot OK – for now this is simple. The guys they get in a car already, 1st forelock. It was starting to twitch. It Hits a coming out of the car, shoulder-length hair like that, like a Chinese. The second spell on his left – I’m not a mytho – the guy was at least 3 meters! What do J’lui look like? The look of … Nicolas Cage in Cage aux Folles. The guy j’commence watching it like that, are falling eyebrows, the second he wavered, they freaking!
9 / children, stop! Algeria, Morocco, no matter: is not this shit two teams?
10 / pedrolito, do you know the Lavandouse?
11 / Now with Sabri, one can say that you are treated like shit. You’re Treated like a merguez!
12 / (Makes believe that stole her wheelchair) It’s been 20 years since my j’gare neon chair outside, I’ve never seen that in the middle of the fluorescence! Well it’s not serious, I would buy one on no-guiboles.com
13 / I left a picnic with my mother, we had found a little nice place, a little grassy area when suddenly … a tiger striped tiger appeared close to Cergy-Pontoise. The tiger begins typing in our food. Normally it is not. So I say ‘ahem’ (he seem to pat him on the shoulder) . He rushes to my mother, my mother is struggling, I rise. A kind of brawl that ensues. In the end, I managed to save everyone except my legs, my mother and sausage. It was awful, in addition it started to rain: Picnic in the water … damn picnic
Strauss, the great mandarin, call Babou
1 / Good guys go ahead, your smoke menthol. I’m going to die darkens me!
2 / (Sabri) – You will not put coat here?
– But there is no record player here! And anyway I only listen to classical
3 / (Clara) – This is my little nephew Nicolas. Everyone says I look like him …
– But people will say anything. It’s ugly, but still
4 / Ayme it’s not funny. I know the gear. It starts with an innocuous murder, then a harmless flight, and then one morning you wake up with graffiti all over the toilet. Not in my backyard!
5 / Another death. It’s crazy, these kids slamming it as a reed
6 / Women that fucks the shit everywhere!
7 / Pass me, it can worsen. I know, I have doctor friends!
8 / (Charlotte) -We must tell them that I’m your daughter
– Okay, but on one condition: you tell them that I’m not your father
9 / You m’connais not hey! I’m a chav, I’ll dark-dice you me! Your replica worship?