Jamie Dornan: An erotic icon? He expresses himself

Entertainment 23 January, 2017

Since his role in Fifty Shades Darker, Jamie Dornan has become a real sex symbol. But then, does he consider himself an erotic icon?
The big day is coming! After months, as we say, years of waiting, after the franchise Fifty Shades going out to the movies. This time, we will plunge into the heart of Christian Gray’s tormented past. One thing is for sure, the feature film is more intense than the first. And if Jamie Dornan considers that it might not be friends with Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Darker , this role matches him perfectly. The Irish actor is awaited in this second feature. Jamie Dornan know, Fifty Shades of Grey has scrambled his career . But then, does he consider himself an erotic icon? He gave more details on this …
During his last livetweet, Jamie Dornan has not hesitated to complain about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart . He understands what the former couple has lived in Lighthouse successful Twilight and confessed not envy their situation. He then answered some questions about his character in Fifty Shades Darker , Christian Grey. If he does not want Christian’s role to interfere in his everyday life, he tries to keep his head on the shoulders. Considered a true sex symbol worldwide, Jamie Dornan refused to compare himself to a “sex icon” . He also said: “. I refuse to identify with an erotic icon If you consider yourself a sex symbol, you’re lost I would hate me immediately.” . Oh, do not go that far Jamie!