Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in cold? The actor demented

Entertainment 6 February, 2017

With the release of Fifty Shades Darker approaching, the promotion of the film is in full swing for the two main actors. But a rumor announces a big chill between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan … Find out what Mr. Gray thinks!
Two days ! This is the time to wait for all the great fans of the saga of EL James. After two years of waiting, Fifty Shades Darker will finally be available in all theaters from this Wednesday, February 8th. The second part of the franchise is certainly the most anticipated film of this month of February and the fans are eager to discover it as soon as possible. While Fifty Shades of Gray has received a number of bad reviews, especially with regard to the lack of alchemy between the two main players, things seem to have changed quite a bit. At the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have shown very accomplices ! Little glances and fun were on the black carpet of the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. Despite their complicity is more blatant than at the beginning, rumors about their disagreement still at … Find out what the interpreter of Christian Grey thinks of the situation!
Rather friends or enemies for Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan? If the rumors and critics continue to run on it, this is the interpreter of Christian Grey who put the record straight in micro Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker: “We have adoration and respect for each other (…) We are good friends and I think it made it easier you see? It was definitely much more comfortable ” . If for critical the first part of the saga lack of chemistry between the two actors, we now understand why: “I was casted only 5 weeks before you start shooting the first film and it is at that time there I met Dakota for the first time (…) It is now 3 years old, Dakota and I are much closer ” . A very short time to forge ties with his partner … enough to silence the rumors as it should be! Do you know Jamie Dornan’s teenage secret? Discover it! What do you think of the Jamie / Dakota duo?