Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson: Tensions, friendship … they finally say!

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan have been at the heart of many rumors. The two actors confided about their relationship!
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will soon return to the cinema in 50 Shades Darker . The first film 50 Shades of Grey , was a real success and there is no doubt that this second installment will also be a success. This “love story” , as stated Jamie Dornan who recently revealed that he preferred to his wife , has unleashed passions and many rumors have also emerged about the two actors. Some claimed that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson hated, while others claimed that the wife of the actor, Amelia Warner, was jealous of the interpreter Anastasia Steele . The latter has recently entrusted its relationship with the wife of Jamie Dornan during an interview with Paris Match . “We have a very special relationship, I’m close to Jamie’s wife, her children, she’s a lot of people.” There are many franchises in Hollywood, but in my opinion it’s the only one where the actors were able to develop a true friendship. As we are both present every day, the opposite would have complicated the matter … ” , she said.
Dakota Johnson and sweeps his sleeve all the rumors about her and that of her co-star . For his part, Jamie Dornan admits they are related almost instantly friendly and very easily. “When we work, it’s thirteen hours a day, so we have time to really get to know each other!” [He laughs.] It creates ties, memories. Of the cinema, but this friendship was born quite easily.We had the same approach to our roles, we were also able to laugh, especially after very intense scenes … We are now deeply connected. Together, the tests too. ” , He explained. Everything goes for the best on the stage and in the personal life of the two actors. Waiting to find them from the 8 February cinema, discover the new sexy trailer of Fifty Shades Darker in which the past of Christian resurfaced. And you, what do you think of the statements of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan?