Jamie Dornan answers the haters of Fifty Shades Darker

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

Not easy to embody Christian Gray, a character that fascinates as much as it shocks! Jamie Dornan meets the haters of the Fifty Shades franchise …
Jamie Dornan and Christian Grey are they alike ? Not if one believes the beautiful Irish boy, who said in a recent interview that he had nothing in common with the tenebrous billionaire. But if it is indeed a compositional role for Jamie Dornan, it does not stop him from giving himself thoroughly! The husband of Amelia Warner has delivered on his approach to the character in an interview with the Australian edition of the magazine GQ , and he did not hesitate to mention the critics of the trilogy Fifty Shades . The character of Christian Grey divides, and the actor says he has no problem with it: “I always knew that people were going to have a lot to say about it, and there are 100 million fans there are also many critics who do not hesitate to speak out. I knew I undertook a project that would divide the public opinion and that is something I agree ” . But if the critics are sometimes scathing, Jamie Dornan is not the type to get excited!
Jamie Dornan continues .. “I do not blame the critics I myself full of opinions on a lot of subjects I do not know well, or full of things I gave no chance to convince me C ‘ is human nature, I’m not going to make me sick for that ” . We recognize the cool temperament of the actor, who went so far as to give advice to Christian Gray so that he is distressed and learn to see life on the good side! The very zen and sarcastic humor Jamie Dornan, who revealed what makes the crack in a woman , have greatly contributed to its popularity. Despite the success, he does not seem to have taken the big head and never hesitate to make fun of himself! One thing is certain, we can not wait to see him return to service in the skin of Mr. Grey sexy … What do you think about Jamie Dornan?