Jamie Dornan: “I never wanted to be famous,” his statements shock!

Entertainment 26 February, 2017

Jamie Dornan has become an international star thanks to his role as Christian Gray in the Fifty Shades trilogy! But is celebrity a weight for him?
Jamie Dornan revealed his biggest fear ! The actor, who has confessed repeatedly that interpreting Christian Gray was a real compositional role, is afraid that he will be offered only similar roles in the future. One thing is for sure, if some critics reproached him with a too monotonous and rigid game in Fifty Shades of Gray , his nuanced and credible interpretation in Fifty Shades Darker made everyone agree. The success of the first two parts of the erotic trilogy owes much to Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, who brought life to Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele. Coveted roles that have earned both actors an instant international celebrity! If Jamie Dornan already had many fans thanks to the series The Fall , Fifty Shades has nevertheless damned changed the deal. But how does he experience this situation?
Jamie Dornan confided in an interview for Heat Magasine : “It’s easy to live a quiet life without being noticed, I never wanted to be famous, I never tried to speak I do know that for some people it’s impossible to escape from the media, and I do not want to be seen by you. But for the vast majority, if not all of the known people, they want to be mediatized.My life is normal, apart from the days when I make the red carpets and where I pose for photographers Besides that, I lead a very normal life ” . We love the attitude of the actor, who knew how to remain simple! Jamie Dornan, who has confessed to be a fan of the Queen of Snow , has always shown humor and humility in her success. We know a lot who should be inspired by his example … What do you think of Jamie Dornan?