Jamie Dornan reveals his very first love!

Entertainment 6 January, 2017

While the second installment of the saga Fifty Shades arrives shortly in the dark rooms, Jamie Dornan makes an unexpected revelation. Discover the identity of his first love …
The big day is coming! After months of waiting, the second installment of the franchise Fifty Shades will be released in theaters. This time, we will learn a little more about the dark past of Christian Gray. Yes, the beautiful millionaire has had a tormented youth and it will influence his past. Besides, when we discover the new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, the pressure mounts . An old submissive Christian, Leila, seems to have trouble moving on to something else. Anyway, until the release of the movie, Jamie Dornan multiple appearances in the media. Irish actor has recently given an interview to MUTV and ManUtd.com . He made an unexpected revelation: his first love. So who can it be?
Amelia Warner should she be jealous of first love Jamie Dornan ? Well, not really since this is the Manchester United football club. You were expecting her first love of vacation or school is not it meltynauts? The interpreter of Christian Grey is a fan of this team and he even admits that playing club sparked in him a very intense emotions: “This moment is dear to me in my heart” , he said. In any case, even if she knows that millions of spectators have seen her naked husband on the big screen, Amelia Warner has no fear about the loyalty of her dear and tender. Besides, you always wonder if Jamie Dornan will dare nudity in Fifty Shades Darker . We will meet on February 8th to find out the answer. So, what do you think of Jamie Dornan’s first love?