Jamie Dornan reveals what he prefers in a woman

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

More than a month before the release of Fifty Shades Darker! If we know Jamie Dornan in various ways thanks to his many roles, it remains full of secrets. Discover what attracts her to a woman …
A few weeks before the long awaited release of Fifty Shades Darker, the performers of Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele, in other words Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, are at the heart of the news! More fateful date approaches and the second part of the saga Fifty Shades is revealed in new trailer … As with the last trailer of sexy Fifty Shades Darker where past Christian resurfaced . More than a few days before the release date that will be February 8 in France! Who says release of the film also says promotional tour for Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, so the interviews are there! What to discover new information as much about the film as about the two actors of the saga. Jamie Dornan has unveiled information that may well please the female sex that melts before the actor’s eyes … Discover what he prefers in a woman!
Decidedly, Jamie Dornan is full of secrets and one always discovers a little more about it. He has unveiled recently its first love … If we imagined the name of a woman, perhaps a known actress, this is not the case! The first love of Jamie Dornan is nothing but the football club of Manchester United. At least, Amelia Warner does not have anything to be truly jealous! But what does he prefer in a woman? This is perhaps what pleased him in his wife … If one expects a response style smile, eyes or hands, it’s a much more psychological response that the interpreter Christian Grey has given in his interview to Cosmopolitan US : “it’s appealing to me when women are good about themselves (…) Even if you are a little disturbed, as you accept it’s good ” . You now know what to do to catch the eye of Jamie Dornan! And you, what do you prefer at Jamie Dornan?