Jamie Dornan sexy and dark on the set of Robin Hood

Entertainment 6 March, 2017

Jamie Dornan got noticed on the shooting of Robin Hood! The actor changes radically style and we like it …
Jamie Dornan is a dream partner for Dakota Johnson ! The young woman has not forgotten about her partner in the trilogy of Fifty Shades , with which she is very accomplice. Not easy to embody very popular characters and in addition to chain the sex scene, that is why the two actors support each other very much. And if embodying Christian Gray was a risky bet for Jamie Dornan, obviously he was right to accept the challenge! Not only have critics hailed his performance in Fifty Shades Darker , but in addition his notoriety has exploded. And the new project of Jamie Dornan also has enough to make us dream, since it will embody Will Scarlet, Robin Hood ‘s faithful companion in Robin Hood: Origins . A film that takes the story of the hero who steals from the rich to give to the poor, but with a more ” realistic ” and mature approach, according to director Otto Bathurst.
In the photos published by the Daily Mail , one can see Jamie Dornan in full brawl, face half hidden by a scarf. The actor is followed by a crowd that wields bats, and one can also see Jamie Foxx, who incarnates the famous Petit Jean. Filming is taking place in Croatia and, according to the director, it will not be a mere entertainment: “For me a film must reflect what is happening now, bring something to humanity, to society. Sure the film will be entertaining, but there will be a message about government, corruption and the ability of individuals to rebel and change things . A barely veiled reference to US political news. The director promises a lot of impressive combat scenes, but also a committed film! Jamie Dornan, who was afraid that Christian Gray would change his career , chose a very different register. And we can not wait to find him in the shoes of a big-hearted justice … What do you think of the new project of Jamie Dornan?