Jamie Dornan VS Christian Gray, is the actor like his sexy role? He answers !

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

This is the response we were looking forward to! Is Jamie Dornan like Christian Gray, the flagship character in the Fifty Shades Of Gray saga? We have his statement!
This is the revelation of the century! That’s almost two years since Jamie Dornan plays Christian Grey on the big screen thanks to the saga Fifty Shades Of Grey . From the outset of the first chapter, the British actor has cracked all the women of the whole world. But a big question is … Is the Dakota Johnson as his partner colorful character and too sexy? Good news, we have the answer! Yes, it was during an interview given to the magazine GQ that Jamie Dornan finally spoke on the subject. And as much to say that it goes straight to the goal! The beautiful Irishman immediately asserted that the S & M universe did not interest him and that he would not agree with his ego alter. Find below his statements!

In the interview for GQ, Jamie Dornan did not hesitate to “clashing” role. “It is not the kind of guy with whom I hear. All my friends are fun and laugh easily. I do not imagine him in a pub,” he declared enthusiastically. When it comes to talk to her about sex and S & M, Jamie Dornan has not his tongue in his mouth : “It’s not my delirium I have always been open-minded, I never judge anyone about his sexual preferences. But there are a million different ways to have fun sexually ” . That’s what it says! Jamie Dornan is far from sulphurous image of Christian Grey but that does not stop being so sexy and so seductive;)