Jane The Virgin season 3: Episode 10, SPOILER dies and everything changes, our review

Cinema 7 February, 2017

A character died in episode 10 of Season 3 of Jane The Virgin. Discover the criticism of “Chapter Fifty-Four”!
In episode 9 of season 3 of The Virgin Jane, we said goodbye to Catalina , the cousin of heroin decided to leave Miami. It was not expected that a character would also bid farewell in last night’s episode. Unfortunately, someone died in Jane’s entourage. But who ? The editorial of melty presents his review of episode 10 of season 3 of Jane The Virgin . “Chapter Fifty-Four” opens with Michael who remembers his childhood and his desire to become a police officer when Jane receives a job offer enticing and pass an interview with the author Chloe Leland she admires . Rogelio also has a big ad to share, the premiere of his film is soon and could give a new impetus in his career. As for Xo, she asks Jane to accompany him to dinner with Bruce and Tess while Mateo’s mom realizes she has a 5-day delay in Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . Would she be pregnant? She forgot the pill once! Jane panic! For its part, Petra understands that his sister did not leave the country and can stay there legally because she is married to Scott that no lack of blackmail his sister .
Jane imagine the reaction of Michael when he will show that it may be pregnant . Good news, her husband really happy with the new in season 3 of Jane The Virgin although the possible pregnancy come sooner than expected. Later, Raphael confesses to his sister, Luisa, that he is not his biological brother. The young woman tells her that a test will not change the love she feels for him but is it true? Luisa calls someone by confirming that it is the right time to come. But who’s on the other end of the line? Mystery! At the premiere, Rogelio is angry because his nude scene was cut. This role does not propel the rank of American star . If Darcy tries to console him, he finds nothing better to do than to send him on the roses. Finally, Jane is not pregnant and is a little disappointed. On the side of Rafael, the latter is ready to fight against Scott and Anezka but Petra hesitates because wants to offer to his daughters a financial stability. After dinner with Bruce at the Villanueva, Jane finds Tess in front of her completely drunk door. She then takes her to her grandmother, but the teenager disappears. If it is quickly found, this small incident points Xo points. Bad news for Rogelio, his little scene where he is odious to Darcy becomes viral on the net! Nope, it’s not always easy to be a star in Season 3 of Jane The Virgin.
Rafael also receives bad news and could go to jail if he chooses to plead guilty. Both say that Petra does not agree in season 3 of Jane The Virgin . As for Jane, she takes Michael to a fun fair so that he distresses before his examination what reminds them of memories of one of their first dates. Later, despite some small gaffes, Jane is engaged by Chloe Leland! Good news at last ! While finally Petra supports Rafael in her choice, Luisa presents her girlfriend to her brother who wants him to pass a series of tests to be sure that he is not a psychopath. Rafael has flair, this is Rose in a new body that engages his double to do the tests . That says nothing good. If Rogelio manages to reconquer Darcy offering her reality TV, Jane receives the worst call of his life. Michael has a heart attack and died . If this episode were light and refreshing, references to the love of Jane and Michael and the love of life and death put us on the path of a tragic end. Still, we saw nothing coming! The show is getting ready to take a whole new direction especially with a jump in time of 3 years which could be permanent and very interesting. We give you appointment from next Monday evening to find episode 11 of season 3 of Jane The Virgin . In the meantime, discover the program of The Walking Dead Reign week . And you, what did you think of Jane The Virgin’s episode 10 of Season 3?