Jane The Virgin Season 3: Episode 4, Rafael has no luck, our criticism

Cinema 8 November, 2016

After the big event of last week, Season 3 of The Virgin Jane tackles with his episode 4 to replace Rafael at the center of the plot.

jane-the-virgin-saison-3-season-3-michaelSince the beginning of the season, Rafael is not very well off plot level. It must be said that between the survival of Michael, the moving of Jane and Michael, the loss of virginity heroin in episode 3 of season 3 of The Virgin Jane, whose criticism is obviously to read on melty , there was little space for the father of Mateo. We do not want the writers because they rectify the shooting with this new chapter . Between his sister and Rogelio Agnezka, always in the guise of her twin sister Petra, who threatens, there is plenty to do and something to be concerned about. This week, it speaks much work in the series. And one would be no way in place of Rafael. Pressed by her mother who sends her cellmate, Agnezka is obliged to accelerate its plan. It is reduced to threatening to reveal the dirty laundry of her lover one night. Blackmail is simple: give it its hotel units or she sends to prison denouncing the police. But fortunately for us, the hasty attitude Agnezka put a flea in the ear of Rafael and Jane . Moreover, the very end of the episode shows us that our favorite heroine understood. She realized that Petra is not Petra.

Still in the theme the job is complicated, writers emphasize Alba. The grandmother Jane, played by Ivonne Coll , supports her daughter in her career change while continuing a job she does not like. Xiomara launches into a job she does not like and it stops quickly and the tent Rogelio all out to try for an American career. But there are also employees of Marbella attempting a strike against the new directions of the hotel’s management, ie Scott, who has full authority through Agnezka. For its part, Jane and Michael have housing problems. Petra gift in season 2 (it pays a big part of the rent for the rental of torque) is completed by the fault of his Machiavellian twin sister and the couple, after a crisis, decides to live in a smaller house, more financially affordable for them. Still, their argument pointed to problems between them. And there, the narrator says as a scary sentence than season 1. According to him, Jane and Michael should not live again in a big house … This can be interpreted in many ways. Does it mean that the couple will separate? Are there any involvement in the death of Michael? So wait and see.

This episode 4 Jane The Virgin is the lightest so far. The series resumes gently cruising speed after the madness of his return . The writers therefore take the time to provide more equipment to other characters and that is clearly the former Jane who benefits. Alba as always, enjoying her few scenes to make us smile and soften us. Then it’s us or it would have been a love interest? Regarding Rafael, it is only since the beginning knows he will have a new girlfriend in the rest of the season 3 of The Virgin Jane . Otherwise it’s cool to see that the writers will finally tackle the plot of Petra. She begins to seriously missed the real Petra Solano. The promise of falling Agnezka and Scott incidentally is in any case enticing for the next episode. We can not wait to be there. What do you think the narrator meant the couple Jane / Michael?