Jane The Virgin Season 3: Episode 6, Catalina, a cousin who wishes you well, our criticism

Cinema 22 November, 2016

The arrival of Catalina’s cousin Jane in episode 6 pushes the characters of Jane The Virgin and brings a breath of fresh air and a sense of danger in this season 3.

jane-the-virgin-saison-3-episode-6-critiqueEven Rafael says at the end of episode: “You are trouble” . That’s hardly an episode that Catalina is present in Season 3 of The Virgin Jane, if we forget its fleeting appearance at the end of episode 5, which is critical to read melty , and it complicates the whole of life world. Jane, Michael, Rafael, Alba, the Venezuelan tornado ravaged almost everything . Jane dream to have the same life, Michael does not like her influence on his cousin, Rafael falls under his spell, Alba rails against her and the lies told by his sister. In short, there are people frustrated and angry in this episode 6 of the series of The CW. We will not lie, if you do not like a lot despite his big smile and white teeth, Catalina brings a breath of fresh air in the show. And be forgiven ease of handling between Rafael and Petra or the lack of inspiration of the failed meeting between Jane and a renowned publisher played by Kelly Rutherford. The writers are a little punishment this week but they offer us a singing scene between Jane and Michael who will be remembered.
The most touching story of the week is that of Rogelio and Xiomara. The two former lovers have changed their relationship to a new status quo. Fragile, certainly as Rogelio still has strong feelings for Xo, he pursues his passions since his teens. The seen struggling with his feelings for another man, Bruce, played by Ricardo “Carlos Solis of Desperate Housewives” Chavira, does not help either. But the telenovela star finally realize that her desire for children will always be through their love story. Jaime Camill book in this episode a moving performance. The actor is still one of the strengths of the cast of Jane the Virgin, who is nominated for People’s Choice Awards along with the Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy or Outlander .
This new chapter of Jane The Virgin therefore imposes Catalina, played by Sofia Pernas , in our routine. Jane’s cousin should bring a lot of change and we look forward to see what it can give. However it is necessary that the writers are careful not to forget to give good material to our favorite characters. But we trust them not to leave packing by this tornado could cause harm to Jane and Rafael. Tell us that you feel it too? Anyway, Jane The Virgin offers us a transition episode with episode 6 as it introduces us a character who could change a lot of things and we offer a dive in unrecognized family of Jane and that, that was a moment we hoped to see. Therefore strongly thereafter. Then meltynautes, you find how this Catalina?