Jane The Virgin Season 3: Episode 7, Rafael devastated by a family secret, our criticism

Cinema 29 November, 2016

A family secret annihilated Rafael in episode 7 of Season 3 of The Virgin Jane. Discover our review of “Chapter Fifty One”!

jane-the-virgin-saison-3-episode-7-3x07-critiqueLast week, Jane found his cousin Catalina in episode 6 of season 3 of The Virgin Jane . But if at first, Michael’s wife dreamed of having a cousin, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare. Besides Catalina seems to hide something. But what is it? The editorial of melty you to discover it in his review of episode 7 of Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . In this very Hitchcockian “Chapter Fifty One” , Catalina continued to make life difficult for Jane and Michael. The young woman keeps saying she is about to leave and yet it is still there. But ultimately, Jane takes her courage in both hands and asked him to leave. What Catalina accepts without flinching. We are also amazed that Jane! Later, Alba reprimand her granddaughter not to go to church and does not hesitate to make her feel guilty. As for Rogelio, he admits to Xo he knows she fell back into the arms of Bruce in season 3 of Jane the Virgin . The actor decides to go to a dating agency run by Darcy Jane whose father breaks the rules one by one. If humor is still king in Jane The Virgin , the suspense is never far away. Indeed, Rafael and Michael always wonder who can belong to the bank account which his mother revealed the number before dying.
By attending Mass with Jane, Rafael flashes. He remembers that he was in church with his mother and he was scared. Michael puts his hand on a convent in which the works were stolen. Rafael recognizes the art collection of his father! He then confesses to her husband that Jane has found irregularities in the finances of Emilio but not to soil his memory, he made them disappear. Later, while Rogelio is in full speed dating, he comes face to … Xo! The latter is furious because he told Jane everything about Bruce. Rogelio eventually confides that he had trouble seeing her with another man. Later, he also admits to Darcy he does not want a love story but a baby since become Jane’s father was what made him the happiest in his life. However, he regrets not having been present during the childhood of his daughter. Sequence emotion! As for Jane, she found in Rafael Catalina! Nope, her cousin is not really part. Jane finds it increasingly suspect. Not only is it not found anywhere proof of the existence of Catalina but in addition, she spots a bag full of jewels and money belonging to him . Mateo’s mom does not hesitate to dig but is surprised by Catalina! The latter defends himself by explaining to Jane that it is a family heirloom. Hmmm, you believe you? After numerous flashbacks, Rafael realizes that her mother had not taken to a church but a convent. He decides to investigate rummaging through the office of the Mother Superior who returned earlier than expected! Jane tries to prevent it but it’s too late. Ouch!
Mother Superior tells Rafael that she needed money for the convent and has therefore agreed to steal works for Emilio. Mother Superior then gives a letter to Rafael explains the whole truth . Meanwhile, Jane admits to a sister she was angry against God after Michael is shot. However, religion is still important to her. But fate persists. Michael has not passed its stress test and will no longer work in the field. For its part, Rogelio agreed to have a baby with Darcy without dating her while Catalina was visited by a strange man who was accused of stealing jewelry. Jane should not have let his guard down so quickly! Is Catalina new Sin Rostro? Finally, Rafael finally to confide in Jane about the letter. He was born in Italy … and it is not Solano! What a revelation worthy of a Winter Finale! The plot around Mateo’s father became increasingly dense over this great episode that also brought many other questions about the different characters. This promises to keep us in suspense from 23 January. Season 3 Jane The Virgin return with episode 8 in which Michael will leave his job to go into comedy. It promises ! Before more, do not miss the The Flash week series of Legends of Tomorrow program. And you, what did you think of the episode 7 of Season 3 of The Virgin Jane?