Jane The Virgin Season 3: Episode 8, Petra takes revenge on Rafael, our critic

Cinema 25 January, 2017

Last night, Petra discovered a truth that made her furious against Rafael in Season 3 episode 8 of Jane The Virgin. Discover the criticism of the Winter Premiere!
Poor Rafael! In episode 7 of Season 3 of The Virgin Jane, Mateo’s father had been devastated by a family secret . But unfortunately he was not at the end of his troubles. Yesterday evening, he continued his descent into hell! The editorial of melty you to discover the critical episode 8 of Season 3 of Jane The Virgin. “Chapter Fifty Two” opens with Jane who always sticking to his guns about the relationship of his mother and Bruce. Still, even Alba seems to believe that he has changed and that this time it will be different. For his part, Rogelio asks Michael what he thinks about having a baby with his go-between, Darcy. The answer ? This is completely crazy ! We would have suspected it because we also find! If Michael makes the clown in front of Mateo, he is still annoyed that he can not work on the field. A little later, while Rafael is away, Jane took the opportunity to visit his cousin Catalina and discovered Arnaud Demonillier her husband . Catalina says she’s going to get divorced. His speech is rather convincing but Jane is still convinced she should talk to Rafael presto in season 3 of Jane The Virgin . But Mateo’s father has other concerns, Michael confirms to him that he is not the biological son of Helena and Emilio. Another problem, Petra! The latter has doubts about her ex-husband and Scott. Rafael assures her that she must be paranoid after what happened to him.
For his part, Michael has a great news, he left his job. Jane panic! And that’s not all, she discovers her mother crying and thinks Bruce is guilty. She does not hesitate to tell the latter her 4 truths and it hurts! As for Rogelio and Darcy, they agree on absolutely everything but Xo remains skeptical. Later, Catalina confesses that she is married to Rafael. He tells Jane he does not know if he should believe it or not. Mateo’s mom also doubts and promises to keep her informed if she witnesses something suspicious. Petra also has problems of trust and asks Anezka to leave the United States because it is the cause. Xo is furious! She was crying because Tess, Bruce’s daughter, hates her and not because of her boyfriend. Jane apologizes and organizes a dinner. Bruce manages to convince Jane that he is serious about his mother in Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . The young woman is not at the end of her surprises because she sees Catalina kissing Arnaud. Another shocking news, Michael wants to be a comedian and performed the following evening. Before the show, Darcy Xo meeting and as you say that the atmosphere is electric . Elsewhere, Anezka finds Scott who confesses to him everything about his arrangement with Rafael. What he does not know is that this time it was Petra who had taken the appearance of Anezka. Aie!
Rafael, always the lowest, wonders if his father knew he was not his son . He discovered in the will of Emilio that he wanted his property to be separated from her children organic . Emilio knew! And as if that were not enough, Petra is furious against Rafael! Later, Xo finally makes peace with Darcy while Jane confesses to Michael that he is not the best comic in the world. Luckily, it wants to try a career as a lawyer in season 3 of Jane The Virgin ! The next day, Jane learns that Tess has issued an ultimatum to Bruce and decides to visit her. If she gets badly received, she asks Tess to give them a chance and it works. As for Rogelio, he signs the contract but understands that he has feelings for Darcy while Rafael and Catelina have rabibochés. Finally, Rafael’s lawyer advises him not to say anything about the will because he is the only one who knows that he is not the biological son of Emilio. Except … Petra has installed cameras everywhere and is now posted! This Winter Premiere featured all that we love in the series. Humor, drama, tenderness and twists were all there. Next week, Rogelio will try to seduce Darcy, which promises to be hilarious! While waiting to learn more from next Monday evening, discover also the program of the week series Grey’s Anatomy in Riverdale. So the meltynauts, what did you think of The Winter Season 3 of The Virgin?