Jane The Virgin season 3: Episode 9, farewell SPOILER, our critic

Cinema 1 February, 2017

A few hours after Jane the Virgin’s episode 9 episode 9 is broadcast, discover our criticism.
Last night, The CW was broadcasting the ninth episode of Jane the Virgin’s new season. Entitled “Chapter Fifty-Three” , it saw many intrigues developed and a final finding its conclusion (at least in appearance). Indeed, as tensions between Jane and her cousin continued to intensify, the latter decided to leave Miami and go back to New York . But first of all, she made a deal with Petra to bring down Rafael. But the series managed to find a way to avoid the worst since Catalina revealed the truth to the beautiful kid. We will not lie: so we thought the war between Petra and Rafael would be declared in episode 9 of season 3 of Jane the Virgin, the writers have found a way to quickly abort the plot. If it is a good idea or not, only the future will tell us. In any case, one thing is certain: this episode of the series was not really phenomenal.
It indeed resembles an episode of filling that other thing with intrigues that we have already seen before in the series. So yes, comedy always has that little extra that you can not help loving watch an episode and ask for more, but we need new ideas not that everything is redundant . The Marbella and the fortunes of the Solano are always at the heart of the plots and it would not be bad if the series changes discs. In any case, we can still rejoice in the pretty scenes that the series offers us (we think especially of Alba who tells Jane that she is proud of her about the book) or between Rogelio and her new love interest. Season 3 of Jane the Virgin continues next Monday on the CW, but in the meantime, find our program series of the week! What did you think of this episode?