Jane The Virgin Season 3: Episode 9, What’s Gonna Happen?

Cinema 27 January, 2017

What will happen next week in episode 9 of season 3 of Jane the Virgin? Discover all the details about “Chapter Fifty-Three”!
Monday night, Jane the Virgin was back on The CW ! And what a pleasure to meet the Villanueva family, its small problems and all the twists that surround them. Once again, Jane’s cousin has made hers and she begins to ask herself: is she really the person she claims to be? At the same time, things do not bode well for Rafael. The beautiful kid is still confused with Petra and she seems determined to take his money. Yes, we saw in episode 8 of Season 3 of Jane the Virgin : a new war between the two former lovers will emerge. Next week, in “Chapter Fifty-Three”, Rafael will be especially upset when he learns Petra’s plans. But once again, she will try to blur the tracks by explaining that she only wants to protect him.
On their side, Jane and Michael will be totally under pressure. It must be said that Jane will finally have finished writing her short story, while her husband will pass an exam. Mateo will also have the right to his storyline in the next episode. Yes, his parents will begin to worry when they discover that the children around their son seem to be more advanced than him. Finally, there will be water in the gas between Darci and Rogelio, which could jeopardize their desire to conceive a child . Next we give appointment on Monday for this new episode, but in the meantime, find our Top December 2016 Series ! What do you expect from “Chapter Fifty-Three”?