Jane The Virgin season 3: Release date, intrigues, spoilers … All we know about the future!

Cinema 6 December, 2016

Сomic Michael? Rogelio dad? Rafael fooled? But what will happen later in the season 3 of The Virgin Jane?
Last night, we did not receive a new episode of Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . The Villanueva family made a break for the holidays and she really needs for the first episodes of the new season has not been easy for Jane and her relatives. But when she returns? What do the next episodes? The editorial of melty offers to take stock of all that we know about the rest of the season 3 of Jane The Virgin . First, before returning Villanueva, it will wait until Monday, January 23 . Come on, it’s only a few weeks to go! When the show returns, expect new crispy intrigues. The proof !
First, Michael will leave his job . The police officer was unfortunately not passed the stress test and is now condemned to work behind a desk in Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . But what pleases the husband of Jane, the field! So Michael will take a radical decision and completely change career by attempting to become an actor. He will be on stage and make some sketches. Michael is fortunate to have an actor in the family, Rogelio usually the scene and will spin him a hand. But Michael is really made for that? We could discover a whole new side of Jane’s husband in season 3 of Jane The Virgin .
For its part, Rogelio is about to see his life turned upside down. If Jane’s father decided to conquer American television, he has another project close to his heart enormously in season 3 of Jane The Virgin . Rogelio will become a father for the second time ! Jane will have a little sister or a little brother soon, younger than his own son. This should also delight Mateo who will soon aunt or uncle who make the 400 blows. But who will be the mom? Rogelio has an agreement with Darcy, the matchmaker he met in Midseaon Final, played by Justina Machado of Devious Maids in season 3 of The Virgin Jane . Both do not want a love story but a baby, they are independent and have the same desires. They should completely agree! The big question is: Is this going to he end with a beautiful romantic story? Mystery!
Jane is worried about Michael and about his father, but that’s not all! She also gets worried about his mother in Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . Xo no more cover her new boyfriend who is none other than her ex, Bruce . The dancer confessed that she knew he was married when they came together the first time. Finally, Bruce is not really the bad guy! Jane will see a very dim view of this new love story and this could lead to new tensions between the heroine of the show and his mother.
As for us, the one that most concerns us is Rafael. Mateo poor dad was especially learned that his half-brother and her mother had been murdered.
In addition, Petra tried to double but Rafael was able to counter it in turn. It also seems up to something with Scott in Season 3 of Jane The Virgin . Rafael has just found love in the arms of Jane’s cousin, Catalina . If we thought it was rather odd, now we fear that the young woman is shot and trying to play a trick on him. Catalina does not hesitate nowhere and at the end of Final midseason, a man she kissed accused her of stealing jewelry. Not only the (false?) Jane’s cousin may be a criminal but in addition, it may break the heart of our poor Rafael. Is Catalina new Sin Rosto? Possible … And as if that were not enough, Rafael learned that he was not a Solano in season 3 of The Virgin Jane! This is a plot that could keep us in suspense for many episodes. Appointment you are given, from January 23 to find out more! And you, do you wait to see the next episode of The Virgin Jane?