Jane The Virgin Season 4: When Will It Be Broadcast?

Cinema 24 May, 2017

Season 3 of Jane The Virgin ended Monday night on The CW. But when will season 4 of the series led by Gina Rodriguez?
On Monday evening, a character found himself in great danger in the season finale of Jane The Virgin’s Season 3 as the heroine seems ready for a new romance . Indeed, as usual, the series left us on several cliffhangers more or less dramatic. Jane was guided to Adam, her first love, by a romantic letter from Michael. The young woman was starting to have feelings for Rafael but it seems that the next episodes focus on her new romance with Adam. As for Mateo’s father, he will find himself ruined in season 4 of Jane The Virgin . Finally, it is Petra who worries us the most . The young woman was trapped again by Anezka who threatened to kill her! Will Petra get away with it? How long will we have to wait until we hear from her in season 4 of Jane The Virgin ?
The CW announced that season 4 of Jane The Virgin would land as early as October , it will take a little more than 4 months to get news from Petra, Rafael and of course from Jane. The series will not be released on Monday but on Friday following Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . Last year, the show was broadcast two weeks after the series consisting of 22 to 23 episodes. So if Season 4 of Jane The Virgin includes only 20 episodes, the Villanueva should return around October 20, 2017 on The CW . We will meet Jane and his family but also the new recruit of Jane The Virgin, Tyler Posey, Who will join the casting of the show after the stop of Teen Wolf where he played the main role for 6 seasons. We can not wait to find him in the skin of Adam! And you, are you looking forward to Jane The Virgin’s season 4?