Jay-Z confirms Beyoncé’s deceit and confides in his infidelity

Entertainment 13 July, 2017

Jay-Z never ceases to trust his relationship with Beyoncé. Between the ups and downs of their marriage, the rapper did not hesitate to say more about his infidelity.

At the moment, nothing is going more in the sphere people and especially in the Kardashian family. As proof, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna will soon be on trial and Kris Jenner may well discuss the matter in KUWTK. In other words, the coming months are complicated and turbulent. But let it be said, it is not the only drama that inflames the social networks. Since Jay-Z unveiled its new album called 4:44, the Internet users only talk about that. If the opus is a real success, it is certain words that have not failed to astonish the Web. For cause, in one of his songs, Blue Ivy’s dad reveals that he was unfaithful to Beyoncé during their relationship. A real surprise that the fans of the artist were not expecting at all. But while Hova has remained silent since the release of his album, he has just said more on the subject in a brand new mini documentary. A touching new facet of his personality …

And it is on his site Tidal that Jay-Z who is at war with Kanye West, unveiled this mini documentary. Called “Footnotes for ‘4:44′”, this 11-minute video is filled with confessions from the rapper about his relationship with Beyoncé. The 47-year-old artist then lets himself go to his emotions. “This is my life, without artifice, I chose this path and built this beautiful and beautiful relationship but it was not 100% based on the truth, so it started to crack. Happened and the public was able to see it, “he said. The interpreter of “99 problems” then went on: “We had reached a point where we thought, ‘Ok, let’s destroy everything and start from scratch …’ This is the hardest thing I ‘ I do not say that it was not uncomfortable because, of course, it did not work, was. ” If their idyll seems to have been trying at times for the Carter-Knowles couple, now their marriage looks more solid than ever. A strong and beautiful union that is likely to last for years. And what do you think of these statements?