Jean Dujardin: his Christmas in Mauritius with Nathalie Pechalat and their daughter Jeanne

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

The actor Jean Dujardin spends a dream vacation with his family. With Nathalie Péchalat, her two sons and little Jeanne, he flew to Mauritius for the holiday season.
A Family Christmas, under the sun and the sea. Jean Dujardin and his wife Nathalie Pechalat brought together the whole family on the occasion of the holiday season. With their daughter Jeanne and two son of the actor, Simon and Jules, the couple offered a sunny holiday in Mauritius. On 20 December, all these people put his suitcases in a nice hotel on the seafront, the Heritage Le Telfair, as shown Here in its latest edition.
In this idyllic setting, Jean Dujardin takes advantage of the simple pleasures of life. It offers moments in love with Nathalie Pechalat, who shares his life for nearly two years . They walk on the beach, tease themselves among the waves, indulge in water sports. The 44 year-old actor is still gaga their daughter Jeanne, which celebrated its first anniversary there just one month . At birth, he warned: “I’ll play the caricature Dad, I’ll do a little too much, I hope she will like it and she will laugh at me. ” Tender Father and attentive with her adorable daughter, Jean Dujardin and messing it up with his two young son already, Jules, 14 and Simon, 15.
As Nathalie Pechalat, Oscar winner returns to the small pleasures of quotidie for his greatest happiness. ” Today I aspire to balance my personal life and my professional life, confided the former artistic skater in September . A new life with simpler values. ” Share good times with family, as these holidays on Mauritius, seems to be part of.