Jean-Jacques Goldman absent at the funeral of Johnny Hallyday : the confidence that he had made to her before his death – at the Gala

Entertainment 21 December, 2017


Jean-Jacques Goldman, who wrote one of the most beautiful albums of Johnny Hallyday were among the absent at the funeral of the latter, to the church of the Madeleine. The artist who has undoubtedly preferred to grieve away from the cameras. However, the two men had spoken a little before.

Johnny Hallyday, who had died in the night of 5 or 6 December, and Jean-Jacques Goldman. The collaboration of these two artists was a success. The album they made together, Gang, in 1986, with titles such as I will forget your name, The envy, or I promise you and Laura, is a different signature in the history of the rocker. And is the continuation of the work previously undertaken with Michel Berger. Influences of a meeting : the one of Johnny with Nathalie Baye.

Hallyday-Goldman : two men that everything seems to oppose. And in the first place their way of life in this profession. The first he has given everything. When the second is hidden. ” He told me : “I admire you to go on stage because for me it is a pain ! “.”, confided the Idol of young people in the last interview he gave (the documentary Johnny Hallyday, France’s Rock ‘ n Roll). Goldman added that he felt uncomfortable in his skin, was never satisfied and had a horror that people look at it.

It was also during this conversation that was born the song envy, one of the most beautiful of Johnny. In fact, Goldman had launched : “Must really have wanted to have wanted to do this job like you do” . The eye of the rocker was switched on : “Oh, this would be a good song title it : give me envy to have envy ! “

“It was not long ago, explained Johnny Hallyday in the documentary saved in the past year,I asked Jean-Jacques if he wanted me to write a new song for an album. “The prisoner had then responded : “You know, I haven’t touched a guitar, I have no idea, I am gutted, I can’t do it anymore. “

Unlike Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Jacques Goldman, who now lives between London and Marseille has never wanted to sacrifice to this profession. And especially not his personal life. This has not prevented these two artists to agree on the essentials. To write one of the most beautiful pages of the history of French song.

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