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Entertainment 26 January, 2018


Has the honor on Friday, January 26, at 21 hours on TF1 in Goldman, 40 years of songs, the singer has since 2003 been the great absent of the French song.

One final album, and then goes. In 2003 came out A lap together, the recording of the live tour that followed the album Song for the feet. Since nothing, or greatest thing. More albums by Jean-Jacques Goldman, in all cases, which is indented, writing sometimes for the other, the image of Home, a recent duet between Soprano and Patrick Fiori on the disk of the latter.

Of course, during this fifteen years, Goldman has not been completely absent from the song,writing most often for the same Patrick Fiori, Liane Foly, Garou, Calogero, or even Celine Dion. Not to mention its activities with the Heart of Restaurants, with which he has distanced himself from 2015, explaining : “I am too old to continue to represent the spirit of the Enfoirés. It prepares the reports for the past few editions . A team youthful takes on more and more things in hand and young artists involved. At 65 years of age and after thirty years of Enfoirés, I believe that it is time to move the hand. I no longer have the creativity, the ideas, the modernity that requires such a program. “

On October 11, 2017, Jean-Jacques Goldman celebrated his 66 years, an age at which our singers are usually always in activity. Not him. While TF1 pays tribute to him this Friday, 26 January to 21 hours through the issuance Goldman, 40 years of songs, JJG is at once absent and omnipresent in the French variety. And, the rare times he has taken the word, it is to explain that he has no album projects, and even less of the shot in view. On the other hand, the door is not closed, as had been stated by the journalist Didier Varrod : “What is strong at Goldman, is that there has never been a farewell, he never said that he would stop, and maybe he will come back. The end is open. “

The relationship between Goldman and the reputation are indeed complex. For his friend Michael Jones, ” nothing will make him change his mind. For the moment, he has put a huge bracket on his musical career, if this is not a bracket final. “Biographer of the singer, the journalist Fred Hidalgo abounds in the same direction in the columns of le Figaro :” in The beginning, he had simply wished to take some distance with the scene. What really decided to stop everything, it is his change of life. “His wife, the children, the installation in London… And also ” a need to regain anonymity “. He concludes thus : “Jean-Jacques said to me one day that he went much further than his dreams. He never would have dreamed that he lived !

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