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Entertainment 22 January, 2018


Together, they have made the choice of discretion. The torque is welded for over 20 years. Accustomed to working together, it is Nathalie Lecoultre retailer, who is in charge of the staging of the new play, where an actor, Night of drunkenness of Josiane Balasko.

This Thursday, January 25, Jean-Luc Reichman to come back up on the boards for the play Night of drunkenness of Josiane Balasko, directed by his wife, Nathalie Lecoultre. Usually little disert on his marriage, the actor has even slipped a few words about his wife in the emission of Laurent Ruquier, It is not lying, this Saturday : “It was a fantasy somewhere of to the stage by his wife and somewhere I’m very, very proud of her, because she does an extraordinary job”.

In a relationship for more than 20 years, Nathalie Lecoultre and Jean-Luc Reichmann have the habit of working together. It is two that they create the tv series for TF1 Leo Mattei as Nathalie stated in Paris Match in 2013 : “We have worked together for two years on this project, and I’m busy as well with the clothes of the dialogues and scenario . What her companion replied with great tenderness : “Leo Mattei it is our creation, a family project. Without you, there would have been no Leo Mattei “. Since, if he is the star of the show, she is the artistic director.

Since 2010, it is also Nathalie Lecoultre, who writes that the launch of his companion for his show The 12 strokes of noon. In addition to these common projects, Nathalie Lecoultre and Jean-Luc Reichmann raise all the 6 children and are passionate about the sport. It is at sports events that one has more of a chance to see together.


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