Jean-Luc Reichmann explains after the elimination of Christian of the 12 Coups de Midi

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Jean-Luc Reichmann returned Monday on his blunder. Last week it was revealed by mistake the elimination of Christian 12 Hits Midi … An unpleasant surprise for the fans, but also for TF1 which wanted to maintain the suspense. Everything seems to be back in order.
His message posted on Facebook has caught out thousands of fans , but also the production. Saturday, January 14, Jean-Luc Reichmann revealed the elimination champion Christian Quesada of 12 Midi Coups , even before the show aired. A pretty blunder? Not really. The facilitator returned today on the incident, in a Facebook Live organized by TF1.
” I allowed myself to thank Christian first because it was solicited, tracked, monitored. (…) C ‘was my way of thanking him. What happens to Christian, c ‘is an extraordinary adventure through the Twelve Noon Coups . We have to put beautiful people like that in value. I’ve been doing this for years, they’re the stars, not us. C ‘was just to say thank you. J ‘have drawn a little fast , ” he said, not sorry either.
The facilitator also wanted to clarify the situation regarding his so-called dispute with TF1. After the publication of his message, he murmured that the channel had very badly reacted. Some officials have even suggested that the facilitator was glad to get rid of a candidate too cumbersome . But for Jean-Luc Reichmann, such a war has never been current. ” I want to reassure everyone, all is well with TF1 ” he said.