Jean-Luc Reichmann, his gaffe on the elimination of Christian: It is explained!

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

The facilitator explains …
” After more than six months of an adventure that changed your life forever, this Saturday, January 14, you, the greatest master of Midi History BLOWS 12, are removed. You I called very quickly ‘Professor’ as I felt to take a lesson in each issue, have become the candidate for the longer life of the History of TV Games. This exits the 12 hits after 193 entries and a record jackpot 809,392 euros that you also saves our viewers … It is a dream ! “Here’s how Jean-Luc Reichmann has spoile the end of the Christian adventure of 12 noon hits . A message posted Friday, Jan. 13, the day before the distribution of the elimination and has angered some fans of the program and that of TF1, according Parisien .
This Monday, January 16, Jean-Luc Reichmann returned his polemic post. In a Facebook Live organized by the famous chain, the man of 56 years said: ” . I allowed myself to thank Christian first because he was solicited, tracked, followed (…) It ‘ was my way of thanking him. (…) what happens to Christian, it’s an extraordinary adventure through 12 noon hits. We must put beautiful people like that in value. I’ve been doing this the years, they are the stars, not us. it was just to say thank you. I have drawn a little fast , “he said. and specify ” I want to reassure everyone, all is well with TF1. ”
That’s what it says!