Jean-Marc Morandini: what did minors heard by the police reveal?

Entertainment 19 January, 2017

Even though justice left yesterday a little respite to Jean-Marc Morandini in all the affairs that surround him at the moment, nothing is finished. The testimonies of two minors questioned by the police have leaked, their content is compromising.

After no further action by the justice of the investigation opened against Jean-Marc Morandini for “sexual harassment” and “concealed employment” , the newspaper 20 Minutes was able to consult a criminal record retailer posts the facilitator Sent to the minor comedians who accuse him. Romuald (names have been changed by 20 Minutes ), 15 years old at the time, talks with him on Twitter. “In a somewhat insidious way, he came to wonder what my sexual orientation was. After that, it really slipped. He evoked masturbation asking me if I masturbated. ”
Morandini’s messages are explicit. On 10 March 2013, he asked: “You bands there? Lol ” . Romuald says yes, Morandini answers: “Ummm” . Then he described a fantasy: “You’ve made knees (sic) … You opened my belt. You dropped the pants. You said: I love … ”
Investigators, the new face of iTV, which recently left recharge in Miami for the holidays, did not deny the facts, explaining that he speaks with a lot of people on social networks, and that her public likes to talk Of sex, that it is not taboo. “I thought he should be 18 years old. At one point, he gave me his age, this is the time when I stopped to talk with him about sex. ” Only the young man says his age was on his Twitter description, he was Who had come to the shows of Morandini accompanied by his father, and that he even paused in conversations to revise his geography with his mother, which he had told his interlocutor.
Another young man, Cyprian, was questioned on September 9, 2016. In 2009, while Jean-Marc Morandini wants to do a remake of the American film Ken Park , it passes the casting. He’s 16. He refuses to undress at the request of Morandini, but the latter insists. Note that the film Ken Park contains many sex scene and very explicit masturbation among teenagers (played by adults). The director, Larry Clark, is known for capturing American teenage lives in a raw manner. Not Morandini. Cyprien finally finds himself naked in front of the host, who takes a picture and then asks him to masturbate, which the boy does not do. He goes away collecting his things and weeping.
Jean-Marc Morandini, now dropped everywhere , strongly denies having met Cyprien. He will however be re-heard because the two young men are now ready to go through the judicial process. Especially since the expertises of the computers, telephones and USB keys of the animator arrive. A judicial source says: “Then it should be heard again on the merits of the case to be explained again about all that.”