Jean-Marie Bigard decrypted by the women around him

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

Three women who know the fingertips give us an intimate portrait of the comedian. Jean-Marie Bigard resumed late September tour of his one-man show , we women , interrupted in August. Time to recover from the septicemia which almost win.

bestimage-bigardSuffice to say that the poster of the new show of Jean-Marie Bigard does not go unnoticed. First because its title, we women * slams as a feminist advocacy! So naturally, under the portrait of the bard of hairy humor and overdosed on testosterone, it calls … Then because the person concerned poses looking you in the eye while you are hypnotized by the pair of breasts that dove under his jacket of & shy; tuxedo.
Going good, that’s only sixty-two years, Bigard happening in the weaker sex from the camp. New kind for a new life? He repeats this idea was inspired by his twin parent daily, Jules and Bella, born November 11, 2012. When their mom, Lola Marois , plays at the theater or by shooting, it provides everything at home. “Two hundred percent! I am their father and mother, “he said with a hint of male pride.
To him therefore the joys of double days where while working on writing skits, think that children will eat the evening shopping to replenish stocks of diapers, milk, give bathing, change, occupy them, amuse them (that’s easy …), turn a machine, the bedroom, lift … “Aujour & shy; the hui, there is an increased awareness of women’s lives. Before he rather saw that as an outsider, a bachelor, “said his sister, Anne Marie. “That said, having to do the dishes or cleaning has never called his manhood into question, she adds, before slipping into a smile. He always had a manic side .” See his little today brother (six years apart) to speak for women does not really surprised. She also surprised none of those who know the man.
“It is very observant of our foibles, our faults as our qualities. And like all real men, that we have the right to vote, a checkbook and we can be successful in a job does not make him fear. “it’s Pascale Bordet says so. She is his costume for ten years.
To create outfits & shy; sexa bourgeois-sexy he dreamed for her show, she had the privilege of reading his text preview. “Of course there are” cock “and” balls “, but as far as it is in rude terms (and even among girls was much more risqué conversations!), It is never on the bottom. There is no contempt, no denigration against women. That would be vulgar. It’s just a cry of love that launches us with his words, tenderly big … “Tribute therefore be thus made to women, which also Bigard readily admits they have been the trigger for all.
It is to please the girls – he who never found it beautiful -. That he decided as a teenager to stake everything on his comic power The first woman he wanted to be loved? Gisele, her mother. For her, and to be forgiven his bad joke to have arrived by accident in this working class family who had already struggling to make ends meet with three children to support, he took the place of the clown . A clown who has exhausted his mom in hugs, feeling vaguely that he would not benefit from it for long. She died of cancer in 1978. He was twenty-four.
His father, Marcel, was followed a year later murdered by a man who broke into his home. & shy; Jean-Marie Bigard does not believe in chance, but the signs of destiny, yes. Because in Troyes all those he holds die, then we must ward off Trage & shy; die and leave. Paris Branch. He has faith in him, in God and also in the romantic idea that there is, somewhere, a soul mate that awaits.
He believes the find in 1990 in the lovely person of a dancer. At the time it is the comic comes up. His second one-person show, Oh yeah! , Hit at the Splendid, and one begins to recognize him in the street with his appearances on the show class on France 3. Claudia, she is Brazilian and is part of the Paradis Latin troupe. Sure they are the two halves of the same heart he married in 1991. Soon, death lurks around them. Claudia string of operations. These tests eventually separate the physical & shy; ment, geographically.
But Jean-Marie does not want to betray his oath to stay for the better and for worse alongside this woman. He keeps his word. And it will even accept it used his sperm to have a baby. “This child was rescued and freed me,” he declared. A little Sasha was born in effect in June 2009. The year of their divorce. & shy; The year Lola Marois may finally emerge from the shadows. “Was it that I like to accept this!” She laughs today. She entered his life the night she passed the door of his box at the Comedia Theatre. It was in 2006, after a performance of My shrink is better . He had immediately found beautiful. Lola, she had found it funny.
They saw each other a few days after a dinner where they had spent the evening talking as if they were alone in the world. She knew very quickly that Jean-Marie is married and lives apart from his wife for years. The beginnings are passionate. “We parted three or four times, without ever managing to live without the other.” And then, one evening in 2010, he comes to get limo (pink) and took him to Grand Véfour one of the biggest restaurants in the capital. Sitting opposite him, she wondered what she going to do this kind of funny.
For his part, he hopes one thing to have a quiet time for her & shy; marriage proposal. Because since they are seated, a distinguished server runs every three minutes to offer them his hot cakes … “That’s when Jean-Marie blurted out” you’re going to break our balls much longer? “I knew I wanted to end my life with him” , laughs the young actress thirty-four years (seen in 2016 alongside Jean Dujardin in the Brice 2).
They married in 2011. This year they are celebrating ten years of their meeting. This summer, Lola was afraid that everything stops. Jean-Marie suffered a dental operation went wrong. A septicemia almost win. But as doctors have told him: it is “a force of nature.” Ashore on 14 August, he took over the tour of his one man show on 30 September. His wife is still as virile ( “it’s part of his SEDUC & shy; tion,” she says) and always sure what it is.
They never ceased to openly say what will or will not do. “It cries very hard sometimes!”, She says. She loves that he never done in half measures “. When Jean-Marie is happy, he is happy when he is unhappy, he is absolutely” She loves that he has a solid cultural and shopgirl of cinema tastes. “His favorite movie? Shakespeare in Love … Casually my husband is very mushy. ”