Jean-Pascal Lacoste reacted to Jenifer’s comments about their love story: he was “honest”

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

It was thought that Jenifer would have the last word. And yet: via his Twitter account, Jean-Pascal Lacoste has denied the words of the singer, who told recently that their love story in the time of the Star Academy was false.
We do not know which saint to devote to. There are some days, Jenifer confided to Télé 7 Jours that the love story she had known with Jean-Pascal Lacoste during the first season of Star Academy was false . ” I felt overtaken me, because I had flirted [with Jean Pascal], and I no longer assumais too soon the next day , she said then. I loved him, no more. Everything had been romanticized. These are fairly trivial stuff eventually . Thousands of fans of the reality show discovered with horror that this idyll that had made them so vibrate was only a stratagem of production, a trick of achievement. Unless…
Faced with these revelations, Jean-Pascal Lacoste himself denied the statements of Jenifer. On his Twitter account, the singer became actor explained that for him, everything was true. ” After the revelations of Jenifer, who apparently was briefed by the prod, know that for my part I was honest! As you know me ” , he has written as well. So, who says true between the two ex? Difficult, fifteen years later, to disentangle the truth from the false. Only one thing remains: the intensity of the adventure that was the first season of Star Academy , the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. ” For me, it’s always something crazy ,” says Jean-Pascal Lacoste.