Jeannette Bougrab has reconciled with the parents Charb

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

Unable to agree since the death of Charb, in the attack against Charlie Hebdo . Yet Jeannette Bougrab the now provides: everything is better with the family of the artist, who shares his sentence.

jeannettebougrabThings subside. I see regularly Charb parents. “Jeannette Bougrab is very reassuring, in an interview with Paris Match . The former girlfriend of Charb , died in the attack against Charlie Hebdo last year came close to the deceased’s family. After months of particularly violent discord, the agreement seems to be back to close the drawer. The new life of Jeannette Bougrab, who left France and now lives in Finland , probably played a large role in this return to peace that seemed unthinkable even a few months. ” That’s better. Finland welcomed me , she assures in Paris Match . This country makes me feel good. I still fragile. But I found peace in my office director of the French Institute in Helsinki. I am very grateful to Manuel Valls for trusting me. ”
Jeannette Bougrab is not alone in Helsinki She lives there with her daughter May, 5 years. ” She follows her schooling at a European School and everything is fine ,” says the adoptive mom who always found solace with her daughter. ” I stopped crying since May is with me ” , ‘she said in particular in 2014, long before the drama that was to cost the life of the man she loved .