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Entertainment 10 January, 2018

Road Accident

Last march, Jennifer was involved in a road accident that has claimed the lives of two people. If the singer has decided not to be present, nor represented by a lawyer, The court of Senlis, who looked for the first time on the case, has mainly given rise to many questions.

On march 6, 2017, on the A1 highway, the minibus tour of Jenifer, returning from a concert in Brussels was rammed violently a Citroen C2, travelling on the right lane. The accident killed two people. Very lightly wounded, the singer has still been a need several months of rest away from the public to recover from the psychological shock linked to the accident. His tour has also been cancelled.

In the beginning of the week, the tribunal of Senlis to be examined for the first time on the case. Only, in the face of the folder partial, the court ordered the referral of the case to the 19 September next, the time for the different parties to gather the necessary documents to the judgment as the expertise of the vehicles the analysis of the video tapes of the motorway, the phones in question as well as the hearing of the people present at the scene just after the accident.

Jenifer, who has chosen not to be represented by counsel, was not present in court for this hearing.

The newspaper Le Parisien, a close relative of the family of Youcef Touati, professional footballer died after the accident, admitted : “We just wish to know the truth, to know what happened “.


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