Jenifer: Fifteen years after the Star Academy, the evolution of his style

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Exit the look of girlsband, the actress of “Should not tell her” comes out the big game!
Fifteen years ago, reality TV was a new concept! The French experience nature in Star Academy , a program allowing unknown singers, living under the same roof (the famous “castle”), to benefit from lessons and test their popularity with the public.
Jenifer goes into history by winning the first season of the competition. Disney Co celebrates the anniversary of his coronation by analyzing the evolution of his style …
” My thoughts go to the first 15 students of this school ‘exceptional and extraordinary: Jean-Pascal, Jessica, Olivia, Carine, Djalil, Patrice, Mario, Francis Stephen, Gregory, Amandine, Khalifa, Catherine, Cecilia and Sidonie. we said appointment in 10 years and here we are 15! “written by Jenifer caption of a photo of the 2002 promotion of Star Academy . Jenifer Yaël Dadouche-Bartoli, of his real name, was 19 at the time. It is at the center of the photograph, red bandana on his head, then an indispensable accessory of the look of a member of Girlband .
Star Academy season 1 ended, Jenifer discovers the newspaper of the artist’s life, made studio recordings, interviews, concerts and social events. It provides its first concerts in outfits inspired by those of Pink or Avril Lavigne : sexy and rebellious student fashion leather jacket, miniskirt and Doc Martens. Years and trends pass, forcing Jenifer to change uniforms. On TV shows (she wore a jacket ™ Off-White on the set of Grand Journal, On January 3rd), on stage and on red carpets, the beautiful 34-year-old Niçoise adapts and inspires millions of admirers.
Nike Dunk (with which she participates in a charity football tournament in 2012), Jenifer is equally at ease in high-heeled shoes. Monday, January 2, she attended the premiere of the movie Must not tell him (released next Wednesday) in a Gucci dress for the fall-winter collection 2016 thinking by the artistic director of the Italian house, Alessandro Michele.
Jenifer’s style, like fashion and trends, will of course continue to evolve. Disney Co will observe closely the transformations of the talented singer and actress.