Jenifer: “The media overexposure, it was extremely painful”

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

In an interview with Cheek Magazine , Jenifer returns on hard times in his career, including the excessive media coverage of the beginning, when she had not the nerve to face it.

jenifer” It was extremely painful .” Propelled under the spotlight only 20 years after winning the first season of Star Academy , Jenifer was very badly the sudden arrival of celebrity in his day . Asked Thursday 1 st December in Cheek Magazine , the singer explains that media exposure had a negative impact on his way of seeing the world. ” For a few years I got banned too many things because of this shit , ‘she explains. J ‘had become agoraphobic, I n ‘ going to more concerts or cinema. ”
Today, in full promotion of his seventh album Paradis secret , she has learned to live with and knows how to enjoy every moment, regardless of what other. Recently separated from the actor Thierry Neuvic , she refuses to give in to melancholy, and crunches the life to the full . ” I want to continue to m ‘fun in this job is my passion, not to do it robotically. (…) I would not be jaded of any way, because that is too good and I know I am a privileged, that I ‘am lucky compared to what happens in the world, I m ‘forbid a single second of being negative. ”
If she admits to having gone through dark phases, the young 34 year old woman prefers to focus on the positive aspects of his life. And that’s what she wants to share in his songs. ” J ‘I need to light , she says. It’s part of my multifaceted, but I am more alive and lighter than morbid. “