Jenifer’s complexes: she wants a “rebounded ass” and “pulpy breasts”

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

Invited Editor of the Belgian magazine Flair , Jenifer announced it wanted to have forms more pronounced today.

Jenifer loves her body but would like more forms. At least that’s what she hinted Internet users who discovered a video clip of an interview with the Belgian magazine Flair. Indeed, on the occasion of the release of the film not necessary to tell him Solange Cicurel , the singer returned to the physical complex which bother. And obviously the young woman wants a stronger silhouette. ” If I could have options, I would be more “, before adding a desire she says ” round ass ” and ” pulpy breasts “. However, the interpreter of the Sun and Secret Paradise said that every woman had to accept his nature. “I l have to assume as is. Guilt, it makes us ugly . ”
This is not the first time that beautiful looks back on her physique. On her legs she found too short , in particular. Thus, in February 2015, for example, she said into the microphone of RTL she did not like her nose. ” My nose, I have a problem with my nose right now. For all that, she always presents herself with pretty outfits that highlight her. Despite his complaints, the finalist of Star Academy season 1 continues to feel feminine adopting various styles and it pleases his fans. They love her way of being, natural, and want to see her well in her skin. Yes, in the song, everything is perceived, everything feels.