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Entertainment 21 August, 2017


Planned to stay in the memories of the most beautiful of ways, the honeymoon of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux has been overshadowed by the death of a guest. Today, the family of the young woman files a complaint for ” involuntary homicide “.

Still lulled by the magic of their secret marriage, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had decided to celebrate their honeymoon in the company of their friends in the idyllic setting of the island of Bora Bora, in French Polynesia. After a few days spent on the island during the month of August 2015, the young couple had managed to rally the United States. Upon his arrival, he had learned some terrible news: one of his guest had been found dead on the island. Two years after this tragedy, the family of the young missing woman brings a complaint against a u.s. producer, its company and any of its employees for ” manslaughter “.

The deceased was called Carmel Musgrove. She was 28 years of age and worked in Hollywood as assistant to the powerful producer in hollywood Joel Silver (die hard, the Matrix, Sherlock Holmes,…). This is him today, which is in part the subject of the complaint of the parents of Carmel Musgrove. The day of her disappearance, the young woman had spent the morning and early afternoon in the company of her boss and family, consuming a large amount of alcohol and taking the sun during a boat trip. Later, she joined one of her colleagues, Martin Herold. Also used by Silver Pictures, it is today one of the people accused by the family of the deceased. The parents of Carmel Musgrove believe that it’s his contact that the young woman had consumed that evening a certain quantity of cocaine and cannabis.

The sequence of events remains unclear. Towards eleven o’clock in the evening, Carmel Musgrove left the house of the colleague with whom she had a relationship intermittent. She is seen alive for the last time in his own room by a hotel employee at around midnight. His unclothed body will be found lifeless the next morning, at about 500 meters from his bungalow, on the edge of the water. After an autopsy, the French authorities concluded that it was a drowning. They believe that the death of the young woman is due to the accumulation of the following factors: over-consumption of alcohol, use of cocaine, tiredness due to work, insolation and night swim in weather conditions not favorable. If the family Carmel Musgrove does not question these conclusions, it is estimated that several people are responsible for the state in which was the assistant at the time of his death. The case now rests in the hands of the american justice.


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