Jennifer Aniston does not like the song “Friends”

Entertainment 24 November, 2016

Invited on a television set, the actress Jennifer Aniston is back with nostalgia on his years Friends … But she also admitted that she had never liked the famous theme song of the series, ” I ‘ll be there for you “But that rocked a generation.

jennifer-anistonIt’s a bit of a myth that collapses. In an interview in the show The One Show , Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel in the cult series Friends , said she had never been a big fan the title ” I ‘ll be there for you “, sung by the American duo the Rembrandts. The song was used as a generic of the sitcom, and it has become over time the anthem inseparable from the series. The biggest fans are probably a little disappointed to discover that the actress has never loved.
A little embarrassed, Jennifer Aniston, now married to the handsome Justin Theroux , also confessed that the entire cast was the concept of generic moderately convincing. ” We don ‘have never really liked the main song, has she explained. I do not want to sound mean, but, you know, we had the impression that c ‘was a little, I know … ridiculous dancing in a fountain. But hey, we l did. ” Yet Chandler images, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe, smiling and soaked in the famous fountain marked an entire generation …
Fortunately, the actress also said she took pleasure to see some episodes of Friends time to time , although today she does not remember all the scenes she tours. ” I n ‘there comes not! Did she exclaimed during an interview. D First j ‘ try to remember what episode it s ‘acts, and half the time I say, ‘ But I am not remember that! ‘ And often, we find ourselves stuck in a nostalgic state. ” The series ran for a decade between 1994 and 2004, marking forever the key players . Today, they have remained very close and meet regularly.