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Entertainment 25 August, 2017


In an interview with the US version of Glamour magazine, Jennifer Aniston has blasted the press people who speculate endlessly on a possible pregnancy ; an interview during which the actress of 48 years has also referred to the time that passes and the next torve casts the company on the fact of getting older.

To two years to pass the cap of the fifties, Jennifer Aniston has no problem with the fact of age. Quite the contrary ! Indeed, the girlfriend of Justin Theroux, there is the happiness to age, it is in substance what she had just told Glamour : “I don’t think that life stops after 50 years – in any case, it becomes more and more exciting “, she declared before explaining that the company is pushing out the old age in the place of the celebration : “For some reason, we do not honor or do not respect the aging. This is something that we view as negative, and yet, each person of this planet is aging. I don’t understand why it is not more celebrated, why there is a sort of expiration date on what you are as a person “.


Not wanting to be subjected to the tyranny of eternal youth, the ex of Brad Pitt are available to rent also the experience of life as beauty full, the only lasting beauty : “Just because you can’t lose your stomach as easily as when you were 22 or 32 years old !? This should not be what makes you relevant or interesting “, clamp it and move forward as the need for any human being to initiate an inner quest to radiate beyond the physical : “It must be someone that is as complete as possible. And that means, go if you must, in therapy to understand its darkest corners and work on them in order not to transmit his negative experiences.


Full of common sense, the declarations of Jennifer Aniston are such as to make it more friendly, even if the actress is still in the grip of the gaze of the other (Hollywood forces) and spend – according to the words of one of his close friends reported by the magazine Look in 2014 – approximately 6 600 euros per month for its “small refinements ” : “Jen is smart. It has managed to preserve the same look for a decade because it leads to small ‘preventive attacks’ as she calls them. It uses agents filling in specific areas so that its face is always natural, plumping up the lines around his mouth, and by paralyzing the wrinkles around the eyes. She also uses a cream-whitening to counteract the damage of the sun and the black circles around the eyes. “

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