Jennifer Lawrence hateful?

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence, it’s kind of the friend we all want to have. However, under his angelic smile, the actress would just be detestable.
The big day has finally arrived! After several months of waiting, the new film of Jennifer Lawrence finally leaves in the dark rooms. This time, it is found in space alongside Chris Pratt . You still hesitate before taking your ticket? Come on, here are 3 reasons that will convince you to go to Passengers . Visiting Paris to promote the film, Jennifer Lawrence answered questions from the French press. The young woman reportedly annoyed more than one journalist. Some even say that JLaw is simply detestable media . While it seems accessible and always leaving for a good dose of fun, the truth would be more nuanced. This is unfortunately not the first time that these rumors circulate on Jennifer Lawrence …
In 2016, at the Golden Globes 2016 Jennifer Lawrence took a dislike to a journalist who was reading his question on a smartphone. Subsequently, other international media highlighted the star’s coldness during the interviews. A few months later, is the animator Cauet had swung into Button Not My Computer every whim of Jennifer Lawrence. Finally, last November, it is the drop of water that overflows the vase! Le Parisien found that the attitude of the young woman was “detestable” but also that “She had nothing to say, or how little, on the film, took his interlocutors high and giggling stupidly, interrupting constantly the unfortunate Chris Pratt who did her best to place one or two anecdotes about filming ” . It is up to you to build your own opinion meltynauts. Anyway, you can now see our interview with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt for the release of the film Passengers . So, what do you think about this information about Jennifer Lawrence?