Jennifer Lawrence more and more capricious: she refuses to take selfies with her fans

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence has changed and fans may regret it. While she was criticized yesterday after an interview with Parisien , star of Passengers suddenly changed attitude with his audience.

If until now, the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence was smiling on the red carpet with her dark red lips, leaving a sweet impression with his admirers, believing that it was accessible and friendly, this angelic image comes to faint .
Today, the actress changes her habits. It’s over: the nice girl that she was will no longer have privileged contacts with her fans and will no longer take selfies with the crowd. “I went to be downright rude and forward myself” , has also said the young actress in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. A radical change of attitude it reflects a kind of ” tired ” and weariness. ” I think people think we’re friends because I’m famous. Let them think he knows me as not at all.” Now everything is clear. Jennifer Lawrence will henceforth stay away from the blindfold and will briefly greet her fans with the hand … if indeed they are still moving, now that they are warned that they will not be able to approach her at all. Another very noticeable response to the young woman, who is in the process of gradually erode its capital sympathy.